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This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry

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WELCOME, A-BROAD [Jan. 30th, 2020|01:58 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
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by touch_my_skin.

this journal is SORT OF friends only. comment to be added
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what to say? [Nov. 18th, 2010|03:08 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
we've got a baby shower (mine!) this weekend. obviously, it's drama grandmother is trying to make it about her, when it has nothing to do with her.

my brother has been surprisingly supportive of us with the baby coming - also, i think, trying to make up for being such a shit when my mom got re-diagnosed two weeks ago.

in other news.... remember this story?

turns out the shoplifter lived two doors down from us in a basement apartment.....with six kids (it's a 1 bedroom 600 square foot basement, btw). his wife went to look at the place with one of their kids and said it was just for the two of them. being a nice guy (we know him), he rented the apartment to her. what he didn't know was that it was this dude and his wife and 6 kids.

they were buying and selling drugs out of that apartment...matt and i had thought a drug dealer moved in months ago and didn't know what to do about it, now we know what was actually going on!

they were evicted for October 1 and Michael, the landlord thought they'd left. He rented out the apartment before they'd gone to someone who was going to move in November 1. The dude showed up on moving day and found 8 people in his apartment - it was filled with TVs (in boxes) Nikes (in boxes) and a lot of drug paraphanalia.

he moved all their stuff into the back yard just so he could move his stuff in.

i have no idea where they are living now, but holy crazy.
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Just some food for thought (mini birthing rant. feel free to skip) [Oct. 12th, 2010|01:22 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
i always thought i'd want a home birth, but since becoming pregnant, i'm becoming more and more ardent a supporter of midwifery as well as natural labour.

recently, matt and i watched a movie called The Business of Being Born. while US-centric, it really shows you what child birth is like in north america. it's can be a vicious cycle that's removed everything natural from labour.

one of the most shocking arguments in the movie (from an american obgyn, btw) is that north american women have more "risks" during pregnancy which is why the c-section rate is INSANELY high (and the infant mortality rate is the second highest in the industrialized world). in actuality, it's the doctors forcing women into drug cycles that can put the baby/mother at risk and the lack of patience of said doctors pushing this rate to go every sky high.

every woman i know who's had a "traditional" or "modern" hospital birth has used the following words to discribe their birth stories: horrible, nightmarish, terrifying, painful, stressful.

every woman i know who's had a home birth/birth with a midwife has used the following words: lovely, comforting, calm, enjoyable, pleasant.

when i tell people who've had hospital births that i'm planning home birth, they say "you are crazy, you will need the drugs." reading The Big Book of Birth by Erica Lyon recently, she sums up my feelings on this comment exactly (mind my paraphrasing):

if a friend tells you that she's running a marathon, you say "good for you!" not "oh god, why that will HURT!" so why do we say that exact thing to women who have decided to birth naturally?

it's effing rude. i have never, and will never judge anyone for the choice they make in their labour and delivery. i will give my knowledge when asked but keep the rest of it to myself. it's not any of my business.

share birth stories? yes, absolutely. accuse and throw fear around to someone else's life decisions? no chance.

the hardest part is trying to *explain* it to my mother who honestly believes that my baby will DIE if i labour at home. i've given up trying and my just not tell her im' in labour until after the baby is born.
i don't want anyone at the house but matt and the midwives but i'm not sure how to handle it because of my mother's, well, domineering nature ha ha ha.

/sort of disjointed rant.

oh, and from erica lyon's blog

a lot of interesting points in this entry.
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must.update.lj [Sep. 27th, 2010|04:38 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
so much going on. my brother is still an idiot, my mother's still mean and crazy and now her sister's in on the act.

i'm 23 weeks pregnant, so like 5 and a half months. it's pretty crazy. we're updating our apartment since we decided to stay for another year or so and make our space work.

we bought a reproduction francis knoll sofa and i think we'll be combining it with an eames rocker. in the next month or so, we'll also tackle the bedroom.

photos to follow, I PROMISE.

and if you want to catch a glimpse of me week-to-week, go here:
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REFUDIATE THIS! [Jul. 19th, 2010|01:57 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry

everyone's up in arms that Sarah Palin is inventing words like "refudiate". why is NO ONE up in arms that she's telling muslims that they should not want a mosque built in downtown manhattan?

and the comments in the article? OMG. seriously, because the people who were connected to the destruction of the twin towers were muslim, no muslim should be allowed to worship in downtown manhattan as it would be an affront to those who died on 911? i'm pretty sure MUSLIM AMERICANS DIED IN THE TOWERS.

the only thing i can think of is as if black people in the south asked that no baptist or evangelical churches be built in predominantly black neighbourhoods because there are baptist and evangelical KKK members who have been involved in lynching. if ANYONE even uttered something as CRAZY as this, they'd be shot down SO quickly.

every person in the world has the right to worship and i'm pretty sure that the US constitution clearly states that, so WTF?

i hate that racism/religious intolerance seems to be acceptable if it's towards muslims/middle eastern people.
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in case we're not on twatter or FB [Jul. 16th, 2010|11:15 am]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
and in case you aren't following my life with a magnifying glass....

we made a baby! i will still be posting the usual shit that i post in here, but i also wanted you guys to check out my baby clothes blog:

i built this mostly because maternity wear/style for pregnant women while "modernized" is still pretty crap for a woman who wears mostly dresses and skirts and isn't interested i flood pants or cargo pants.

anyways. happy days. enjoy your weekend, and happy anniversary to my hubby this saturday (two years WOO!)
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g20 [Jun. 21st, 2010|03:11 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
the only thing i really hate about the G20 is the amount of time it takes me to get to work and the fact that *some* protesters think that violence gets their point across.

all it does is hold hostage the innocent bystanders in the city of toronto that are ALREADY being held hostage by harper's misguided attempt at proving leadership legitimacy in canada.

every ruler in history who has felt their power slipping spends a lot of money on something unnecessary to give the appearance of control.

from kings to presidents and everyone in between. lavish displays of wealth, wars and marriages are all used to legitimize power.

this is what harper is doing. and he succeeds. throwing bombs at someone's workplace won't fix that. it could, in fact, hurt or kill someone.

if any of you guys are protesting this weekend, stay safe and think about how all of us are affected not only by the shut downs and annoyances, but by the whole power structure harper is setting up.
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hello! [Jun. 10th, 2010|10:26 am]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
as per usual, so much long-time no talk balogne over here. there's a lot going on, some of which i'll save for another day, but here's the general stuff:

i raised $350 for Relay For Life this past weekend at lust for life! it's not too late for YOU to sponsor me (you have until midnight) here!

matt and i realized that we need a bigger apartment, so the hunt is on for a two+ bedroom in roncesvalles/high park (basically between sorauren and parkside and dundas and queen street). i know it's a narrow place, but we love our hood and don't want to leave. this has got to happen for the fall.

what else? hrmmm work is awesome, puppies are awesome, summer is busy but we're having a lot of fun.

carry on.
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oh, hai guys! [Jun. 2nd, 2010|09:47 am]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
so, what's up? I'm hosting a party this weekend for the Canadian Cancer Society at the Garrison.

there's tonnes of other shite going on, but this seems most pressing. please bring many friends.

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what's up? [May. 11th, 2010|02:11 pm]
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry
hey dudes. i just had a lunch that consisted of leftover "taco salad": spiced ground round, lettuce, tomatoes, mexican rice and lime soaked avocado. for dessert? the remaining mango/watermelon fruit salad with mint and lime. also, two weeks ago i ran the sporting life 10k race in support of children with cancer. my time was 1 hour, 1 minute and 59 seconds. not bad, eh?

in other news, here is an email i sent to friends that i think you should read....and get invovled with me!

I'm hosting a party on June 5 in Toronto called Lust for Life in support of my relay team (the cancer fighters!). relay for life is an overnight relay event in support of the canadian cancer society (also, where i work). my team of colleagues will be participating in order to give something back to the organization we are proud to work for and proud to support with this fundraising effort.

as some of you know, our friend cheryl lost her fight to cancer in 2008 on her 28th birthday. her cancer was completely treatable but was not detected/treated until far too late. she died too young, and with more effort from our research, advocacy and support services, i hope to never hear of a story like cheryl's again.

please join us june 5th, invite your friends and family. if you can't come, please donate to our team.

facebook event info:!/event.php?eid=114105461962921&index=1

my team info/how you can donate:

what does CCS do?

thanks SO much!!!!


this is different than the rankin run, which we are part of a team of nearly 100 people called "in memory of cheryl nelson mccartney". this is for the canadian cancer society. where i work. the relay is an amazing event and i hope you guys can a) come to the party AND/OR b) throw some money at my team.

i've reached my goal for the rankin run so i'd like to put more effort into this event!

what have YOU guys been up to?
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